Woodworking and Design

Copy of Our Mission


Our Mission

Here at TMC, our goal is to create hand crafted wooden products that are thoughtfully designed and expertly built as heritages pieces for your home. In this society of disposability and the easy fix, we want to offer our woodworking to people who recognize that quality is an investment for you and for our planet.

One of the ways that we are endeavoring to make a difference is by locating trees that are being removed for reasons other than logging, such as storm damage, disease, or poor location. This opportunity allows us to rescue trees that are otherwise destined for the landfill and instead mill them into lumber to be used for our heritage pieces. We are able to work closely with several local arborists and construction crews who share our vision of reclaiming mature trees and preserving their history! In doing so not only are we contributing to a community of partnership, but also seeing that our natural resources are being used mindfully.