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Hello friends, old and new!

We are humbled and grateful for each one of you who is taking the time to linger with us over the delights of food. One reason we are beginning this blog is to help chronicle the Sourdough Making classes our @a.kinship.meal has been organizing. The updates and turtorials combined with Amazon product links are designed to help ease the newcomer to the process of feeding, maintaining, and baking this wonderful addition to your health conscious journey. We will also share some of our own favorites from Amazon, all related to the wonderful world of cooking, eating, and communing with those we love.

Second, we will be featuring some of the wooden kitchen items we sell, as well as use in our own kitchen here at the Timber Made Company. We have several new designs in the works that will make your time in the kitchen more efficient and enjoyable!

Thank you for joining us at A Kinship Meal, where we cherish life in the kitchen, and around the table.

Wade and Amy

Wade Cotten